Ponder 23 February 2022: Zondo findings - Lessons for procurement practices

The recording of our PURCO SA Ponder online event on 23 February, with Professor Sethulego Matebesi is available for viewing. Prof  Matebesi shared his views on the Zondo Commission's lessons for higher education procurement.

The Zondo Commission findings:
Lessons for higher education procurement

Several advisory panels and commissions have been set up to investigate public sector corruption over the past few decades, and their reports have assumed a certain power status.

However, the extent to which the reports improve procurement practices depends on how procurement managers and accounting officers consider, test and use such information. By accounting to accountability, the Higher Education sector can play an important role in improving auditing systems in its internal and external control.

Our Speaker: Prof Sethulego Matebesi
Associate Professor and Academic Head of the Department of Sociology
University of the Free State

Professor Matebesi is well known as an anchor analyst for the SABC during elections, and a regular commentator on current affairs on radio and national television.

Prof Matebesi's research interests lie in social movements, ranging from community protests at the municipal level to community mobilisation against mining in South Africa. His scholarly work is underpinned by the theory of trust and participatory governance models. His recent publications include Civil strife against local governance: Dynamics of community protests in South Africa (Barbara Budrich, 2017) and Social licensing and mining in South Africa (Routledge,  2020). 

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