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The recording and presentation slides from our third Ponder session are available. The presentation 'Online Education: The Silver Lining of Covid-time' took place on Wednesday 7 July, from 09h00 with guest speaker Brian Naicker, Senior Director, triOS College Canada.

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Online Education: The Silver Lining of Covid-time 

Presented by: Brian Naicker
Senior Director, triOS College Canada

Across the world a tragedy of immense proportions is playing out. Yet in the midst of the trauma of unemployment, illness, loss and lockdown there is a silver lining.

Working from home and being in lockdown affords many an opportunity to allocate time for self development.

Whether you're a high level manager or an entrepreneur, whether you've studied before or never had the chance, using this time productively will give you a slingshot to better opportunities when this period ends.

Join us on Wednesday 7 July for valuable insights into how to find the right local or international opportunities that match your available time, career path and available funds. Our guest speaker Brian Naicker will offer guidance to identify what is available and appropriate for you - whether a short skills course, a management programme or a degree. He will point you to free and paid courses, highlight the risks and rewards, tell you what to watch out for in the process, and share those ‘gotchas’ that no-one tells you about until you're committed and spent your money.

Our speaker

Brian Naicker is Senior Director, Online Education at triOS and Eastern College. He has spent the past thirty-two years in education settings specialising in online and distance learning, corporate and executive training and continuing education within higher education. Most recently, he was the Director of University Partnerships, Online Program Management at Higher Ed. Partners in Johannesburg, South Africa. He previously directed one of Canada’s largest Online & Distance Education Centres at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver for eight years, and was the Head of the Centre for Business Management at the School of Management Sciences at the University of South Africa in Pretoria for 4 years in addition to holding a senior lectureship position over fifteen years.

He has a track record spanning 32 years of outstanding performance and accomplishment in the rapidly changing and dynamic environment of learning and higher education. He sis vastly experienced in open and distance learning, online and flexible learning, strategic initiatives, new programing, corporate and executive training, continuing education and revenue generation within higher education. Brian brings a vast network of institutions and practitioners in the higher education field, gained from his extensive travel, work and studies globally.


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