Bank details have not changed

We are aware that a fraudulent email is being distributed advising of a change to our bank account details.

The email appears to be sent from one of our Contract Managers, and includes his electronic signature.

  • PLEASE IGNORE any emails, letters or telephone calls claiming that our bank account has changed. 
  • If you are approached to change our banking details please send us the details so we can alert the relevant bank/s' fraud departments. 
  • If you receive a PURCO SA invoice with new banking details do not pay it. 
  • If you have questions contact PURCO SA by telephone at 011 545 0940.

As  a general rule:

  • Do not rely on emails, phone calls or letters advising of bank account changes.
  • If you receive a request to change bank account details contact someone you usually deal with at the company before making any changes to beneficiary accounts.
  • When calling the company to query any changes to banking details, use a known number, a number on a previous invoice, or a known email address.
  • Do not use any phone number or email address given to you telephonically or printed on an email, letterhead or invoice (which requests a bank account change).
  • If you look for a telephone number or email address on the internet make sure you are visiting the company's actual website and not a fraudulent site.
  • The information on this website is useful:

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