PURCO SA Management Consultancy - 3 Types of Services Offered

PURCO SA is a consortium of Higher Education Institutions with deep access to University expertise and their best graduate professionals across Southern Africa. Our pedigree exceeds 40 years of delivering consulting and collaborative contract management expertise to organisations and Institutions across the sub-continent

Services we offer

Let us help you with your most critical challenges. Our management consultants have deep, functional skillsets honed through the delivery of practical solutions. Our clients enjoy access to a holistic management consulting service including strategic and operational planning, project management and on-site personnel deployment services across all disciplines. Our areas of expertise extend way beyond supply chain management.

  1. Management Consulting

Our expertise extends to strategic supply chain, ICT, finance, governance, operations, infrastructure, HR, planning, contract administration, insourcing and outsourcing, marketing and other skillsets.

  1. Project Management

Our project management teams include multi-disciplinary executive, managerial and operations professionals. Our engagements include strategic and task specific projects across multiple sectors.

  1. Specialist Deployments

We can rapidly deploy on-site personnel for short-term interventions or long term engagements. We have a large pool of experts that can be deployed at short notice to fulfil your requirements

For more information on our Management Consultancy services, visit www.purcosa-consulting.co.za or email consult@purcosa.co.za

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