3 Significant Benefits of PURQ

PURQ is Higher Education’s state of the art online academic information platform. The PURQ collaborative platform provides a unique, online service for students and graduates, with the specific aim of making their academic information accessible.

PURQ delivers real benefits to students, enabling them to realise the benefits of their qualifications.

For participating education Institutions, PURQ provides revenue, savings, risk management and resource optimisation benefits. These benefits come with zero outlay, no licensing fees, no systems development and no ongoing costs. Contributors to the centralised information platform realise a risk-free, no-cost revenue stream while providing real value to their students and graduates

Significant benefits

1. Benefits to students

  • Real time, global online access to their academic history and transcripts.

  •  Enrolment verifications enable quick responses to loan and bursary applications.

  • Single access point for academic records, saving time and cost.

  • Academic portability and mobility through our international network.

  • Easier, faster and less expensive employment applications because background-screening companies can access students’ academic data, at the company’s cost.

  • Competitive interest rates on loans, credit cards, financing, and other services.

  • Easy transfers between Institutions. Students and Institutions can access full academic history

2. Benefits to Institutions

  • Institutions, with zero outlay, earn ongoing annuity income as their data is used for verifications, enrolment enquiries and transcript downloads.

  • PURQ is free to participating Institutions, and unlocks value with no capital expenditure, systems development, licensing or ongoing costs.

  • PURQ reduces expenses, frees capacity and Streamlines walk-in centres.

  • PURQ enables inter-Institution electronic transcript exchanges, and enables Institutions to retain auditable control over the integrity and security of their student data.

  • PURQ is legally and privacy compliant and its multi-tiered Authentication and Consent Management System ensures users are verified before they can access the system

3. Benefits to Companies

  • Banks, lenders, background screening and other services rely on the PURQ database for Qualification and Enrolment Verifications and financial risk profiling. Authenticated access to the centralised platform enables company users to securely evaluate employment and credit applications, process bursaries and compile qualification reports.
  • PURQ’s advanced technology provides a range of beneficial advantages, including:

1. Real-time online access,

2. Single search and bulk lookups,

3.  Detailed management reports

4. A comprehensive audit trail





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