NWU appoints new Principal and Vice Chancellor – Dr Mzubanzi Bismark Tyobeka

The North-West University is a long-standing Member of PURCO SA, a purchasing consortium for Higher Education in Southern Africa. Our CEO, Mr Selvan Govender, warmly welcomes and congratulates Dr. Mzubanzi Bismark Tyobeka on his appointment as NWU’s new Principal and Vice Chancellor and looks forward to his fresh perspectives at NWU and to the Higher Education Sector as a whole.

The North-West University Council has recently announced the appointment Dr Tyobeka as its new Principal and Vice Chancellor. Dr Tyobeka, known and recognized as one of the leading nuclear power experts in the world, will take over the next five-year term commencing on 1 June 2022, succeeding Prof Kgwadi who left the institution at the end of January 2022. Council announced the news last week Thursday, 17 March 2022, “We believe Dr Tyobeka, a seasoned governance champion, is the ideal candidate to lead the NWU to new successes,” announced the appointment of Dr Tyobeka said Mr Bert Sorgdrager, acting chairperson of Council. (Source: https://news.nwu.ac.za/nwu-appoints-new-principal-and-vice-chancellor)

Since the early 90s, Dr Tyobeka has had a long-standing relationship with the North-West University, which also happens to be his alma mater. Dr Tyobeka was Chairperson of the NWU Council in 2017 and reappointed for another term in November 2020. Dr Tyobeka has been a member of the NWU Council since November 2014.

Dr Tyobeka has held the position of CEO of the National Nuclear Regulator of South Africa from 2013, and plays a major role in various initiatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Dr Tyobeka holds a BSc (Ed) (1999) and MSc (2001) at the former University of North-West and in 2004 obtained another master's degree in Nuclear Engineering at Penn State University in the USA. He also obtained a master's degree in project management at the Colorado Technical University in the USA in 2005, and in 2007, his PhD in Nuclear Engineering at Penn State University.

Mr Sorgdrager concluded by congratulating Dr Tyobeka on behalf of Council on his appointment and indicated that Council is looking forward to this new chapter of the NWU’s history being ushered in with him at the helm.

Details regarding Dr Tyobeka’s inauguration as principal and vice-chancellor will be announced soon. (Source: https://news.nwu.ac.za/nwu-appoints-new-principal-and-vice-chancellor)

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