PURCO SA News | Meet our new Interns for 2022

PURCO SA has recently welcomed two new Graduates who have joined PURCO SA as Procurement Interns as part of our Internship Programme for 2022. The purpose of the PURCO SA Internship Programme is to provide real-world experience that enables one to put everything they have learned into action, training and upskilling in procurement and contract management, as well as giving insight on the Procurement Industry culture and daily operations.

Both Nthato Moshikare and Lehlohonolo Moloto recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management from the University of Pretoria. <

We sat down with both interns to find out a bit more about them:

3 interesting facts about yourselves

  • Nthato – “I am very spontaneous love going out, meeting new people and trying out things that are out of the ordinary, I love reading, I love kids although I’m not too sure if I want kids of my own in the near future.”
  • Lehlohonolo – “I am an amazing cook so much so, that I believe I have the skills to make me a professional chef. I am a football-freak; I never go a week without watching football unless there are not games playing at all. Lastly, memes are my coping mechanism when I have stress or experience anxiety.”

What drew you to studying Supply Chain Management?

  • Nthato –  “I chose to study Supply Chain because it is a career that has so much room for growth, moreover at the time I was introduced to Supply Chain, I did not personally know of anyone working in the industry which heighted my interest because it is not a saturated industry. However, every organization thrives of a successfully operating supply chain. I eventually chose to study it because I thought if I could gain the necessary knowledge regarding the procurement cycle as well as risk management I would thrive in the corporate world and as an aspiring entrepreneur.
  • Lehlohonolo – “What drew me to study Supply Chain is how it has become a predominant global industry and the value it brings to our lives globally, which in turn means without Supply Chain the Global Economy would not function. I comparably like to make a difference and bring value wherever I do so that led me to taking up a programme that would match my character and my ambitions.”

How are you finding working at PURCO SA so far and what are you looking forward to the most?

  • Nthato – “Working at PURCO SA as an intern has been exceptional and humbling so far, the working environment encourages growth and learning, the colleagues and staff are extremely helpful and kind which makes the adaptation process so much more easier. I am grateful for the opportunity to intern at a company that specializes in the exact field I studied in varsity. PURCO SA is the perfect company to learn new skills and to add value by constantly putting effort in all tasks assigned, regardless of how challenging the tasks may be. I look forward to being a valuable asset in the company, increasing my theoretical as well as my practical knowledge in procurement. I aim to be an expert in procurement at the end of the programme.
  • Lehlohonolo – “I am finding work at PURCO SA marvellous, especially the work environment and culture I am exposed to, which I think is second to none. The people I work with are amazing and welcoming; they are forever willing to help. The work seems to be pretty much taxing which I like. I look forward to running projects on my own soon and doing Member visits, but most importantly; to become someone my managers and colleagues can depend on.”

What is one valuable lesson you have learnt in university, which you will carry with you now that you have started with your working career?

  • Nthato – “A curious mind opens doors. Being open minded and being willing to learn and to see things from more than one perspective can lead to immense opportunities, being teachable and always seeking to improve as well as being inquisitive often leads to great success and wins.”
  • Lehlohonolo – “Nothing else but discipline.”

PURCO SA is excited to have both Nthato and Lehlohonolo as part of the team, and hopes they will use this opportunity as a learning curve, but most importantly be willing to immerse themselves in the work they do and put the theory they learnt in school, to practice.

Pictured above from left: Lehlohonolo Moloto (Procurement Intern) and Nthato Moshikare (Procurement Intern)

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