PURCO SA ESD Training 2022

Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes work. This was proven in last year, upon completion of the PURCO SA ESD Training Course, a delegate announced that she had secured a R38 million construction project role.

PURCO SA is the Southern African Procurement Consortium for Higher Education. Our 60 Members encompass all public universities in South Africa and Namibia, 20 TVET Colleges and private HE providers, and 13 associates such as the CSIR, SABS and National Research Foundation.

The ESD strategy helps build a sustainable procurement value chain for Higher Education by empowering emerging black businesses, creating jobs and supporting economic growth. The strategy has evolved as part of a wider initiative by HE institutions to support supply chain inclusivity and diversity, and to build sustainable small business relationships.

PURCO SA leverages two drivers: Access to markets by enabling emerging businesses to participate in HE tenders and contracts; and Development, through PURCO SA training that reach hundreds of emerging suppliers every year.

Previously offered on a face-to-face basis, the programme is now delivered online using a virtual platform, enabling more suppliers to benefit. This year, the training will be taking place from 22-23 June 2022 from 09H00 to 15H30, facilitated by ProcureSense.

Businesses with an annual turnover of less than two million rand are eligible to participate in the programme. Beneficiary companies are recommended by Member institutions or carefully selected from the PURCO SA database of more than 20 000 suppliers.

The two-day programme focusses on actionable skills, mentorship, and operational support. Some of the content that will be shared with the participants in the training includes Business strategy success fundamentals, sales success fundamentals, understanding business finances and financial management, learning how to market their businesses, access new business opportunities and improve their operations. Delegates regularly report that the training has resulted in visible improvements in the day-to-day running of their businesses.

Businesses who would like to be considered for the next round of Enterprise and Supplier Development training should register on the PURCO SA Tender Database at purcosa.co.za.

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