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PURCO SA PONDER is a series of short virtual presentation events where our colleagues and partners can network, share knowledge and extract value. Each virtual event will be hosted on Microsoft Teams for easy access and to help you engage with the speakers and other participants.

PURCO SA PONDER is free to attend. There is no cost to attend Ponder sessions. Simply register when you receive our invitations and log on to the Teams platform to participate. Each event will cover a single topic and last 45 minutes including welcome, presentation, discussion and competitions.

The Ponder events will be hosted fortnightly. Please join us!


Date Topic and Presenter Description

15 May 2024

Mastering Cybersecurity in the Digital Age: Safeguard your Institution

Dr Stella Bvuma
Director School of Consumer Intelligence and Information Systems (SCiiS): University of Johannesburg

With the recent Cyber-attacks, Dr. Bvuma will guide you on essential cybersecurity concepts and strategies, along with practical steps for implementation.


3 May 2023

How to protect your business from cyberattacks

Willie Strydom
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Owner: Siliconworx Consulting Services

As cyberattacks become more common and sophisticated and corporate networks grow more complex, a variety of cyber security solutions are required to mitigate corporate cyber risk.

Find out what the different types of cyberattacks are and how to protect yourself and your business

29 November 2023

Using LinkedIn as a platform for key career opportunities

Stewart Samkange
Head of LinkedIn Academic Talent Solutions - Africa, CEE & SEE; Head of Graduate Activation Program - Africa

In this session, we will share exclusive LinkedIn insights into the top contributing factors that enable graduates to get shortlisted, discovered, and get hired upon graduation. 




Date Topic and Presenter Description

08 August 2023

Social media and the Law - The right way 

Lerato Ntwampe 
Social Media Legal Consultant & Associate Attorney at Witz Inc. 

Devon Turner
Attorney at the Legal Resources Centre

Find out about what employees need to avoid posting online that may bring their employers name into disrepute and the legal implications thereon, with some insights on recent case law and on how both employers and employees can protect their interests

27 September 2023

Energy security in South Africa: Guide to going solar

Jack Radmore
Programme Manager: Energy & Climate Finance, GreenCape

The presentation looks at the current energy landscape, and load shedding and provide neutral information to aid decision makers in making decisions around energy security. 

23 February 2022

The Zondo Commission findings:
Lessons for higher education procurement

Prof Sethulego Matebesi
Associate Professor and Academic Head of the Department of Sociology at the University of the Free State


Several advisory panels and commissions have been set up to investigate South African public sector corruption over the past few decades. Consequently,  their reports have assumed a certain power status.

However, the extent to which the reports improve procurement practices depends on how procurement managers and accounting officers consider, test and use such information. By accounting to accountability, the Higher Education sector can play an important role in improving auditing systems in its internal and external control.

24 November 2021

Ubuntu: The bedrock of sales enablement

Sibusiso Msomi
Managing Director,
The Sales Enablement Company

Web: The Sales Enablement Company
Twitter: @sibusisom
LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sibusiso-msomi

In the Covid years companies that learnt to really care about their clients and prospects were rewarded with sales.  

In this talk Sibusiso Msomi, Managing Director of The Sales Enablement Company shares how you can use Ubuntu concepts to grow your business.

10 November 2021

Thinking the Future:
New perspectives from the shoulders of giants

Clem Sunter
Futurologist, Scenario Planner, Author



This presentation discusses how ordinary people can weigh up their futures, based on the thinking of some of the giants of the past. It draws from Clem Sunter and Mitch Ilbury's bestselling book Thinking the Future and includes their scenarios for the future of South Africa.

27 October 2021

Why your prospects ghost you.
And what you can do about it

Shayna de Kock
Client Success Executive
Web: The Sales Enablement Company
LinkedIn: https://za.linkedin.com/in/shayna-de-kock-she-her-hers-23293ab7



You had a successful first meeting with a client. You think the deal is in the bag. And then they disappear... This is how you can change the outcome.

13 October 2021

Overcoming adversity to achieve success

Mike Quinn
Author; Co-founder and CEO of Boost Technology

Web: https://www.mikequinn.co



Mike Quinn's remarkable story provides insights into how a pioneering African start-up succeeded despite tremendous adversity: ruthless pushback from major competitors, financial crises, and a continuous struggle to execute their growth strategy.

His story, captured in his recent book, shares raw, hard-earned lessons of succeeding through adversity and learning what entrepreneurship in Africa is all about.

29 September 2021

The 3 laws of creating frictionless business experiences

Sacha Matulovich
Chief Strategy Officer, Sendmarc.com


Frictioneering is an understanding that consumers, businesses, employees and students have an insatiable desire for frictionless experiences. And every time they encounter unnecessary friction in their dealings with your organisation or your systems it creates dissatisfaction and damages relationships.

One of our most important jobs is to to become Frictioneers and create frictionless experiences.

15 September 2021

The Mandatory Workplace Vaccinations Debate

Andre Vlok
The Conflict Resolution Centre

In this Ponder presentation we explore the debate around mandatory workplace vaccination policies, what the law says, your rights as an employer and employee, and how to avoid and manage conflict.


1 September 2021

Gearing up for uncertainty

Lee Naik
CEO Transunion Africa

In this presentation, Lee explores key consumer, business and technology trends from the last 18 months, powered by TransUnion’s insights. He will share ideas that we should be aware of that will help individuals and businesses drive their relevance and growth in this ever changing world.


18 August 2021

Post pandemic futures
How organizations and careers will fundamentally change

Guy Lundy
Spencer Stuart

Futurist and leadership consultant Guy Lundy explores the trends and drivers of accelerating change and how it impacts the roles, skills and competencies you and your business will need to succeed into the future. 


4 August 2021

Digitalisation and UCT Libraries: A business case study

Ms Ujala Satgoor
Executive Director: Libraries University of Cape Town

The story of how the UCT Libraries team responded and recovered from the Table Mountain fires that rampaged across parts of the UCT campus and set fire to the Jagger Library is fascinating.

But much more important is the story of how UCT's digitalization strategy not only helped them survive the devastation and remote working under COVID-19 lockdown conditions but is a key element of delivering a positive return of investment. 


21 July 2021

Using Personality Profiles to enhance business relationships

Andries Keun,
Managing Director for Thomas International in Africa

Understanding personality types will help you engage more effectively with colleagues, teams and suppliers, especially when working remotely. This Ponder session explains how to use Personality Profile Assessments and shows you how to apply the tool immediately whether you're at work or home.


7 July 2021

Online learning - The silver lining of Covid-time

Brian Naicker:
Senior Director, triOS College, Canada

Whether you're a high level manager or an entrepreneur, whether you've studied before or never had the chance, using COVID-time productively will give you a slingshot to better opportunities. This session provides  valuable insights into how to find the right local or international opportunities that match your available time, career path and available funds. 


24 June 2021

Radical Digital Transformation

Rob van den Wijngaard,
Leiden University, University of Cape Town

User-focused digital transformation marks a radical rethinking of how our institutions should be using technology, people and processes to fundamentally change the way we work.


9 June 2021

POPI goes live on 1 July. Stay ahead of the wave

Talita Olivier,
Director Etude Risk Management

Are you ready for POPI? What comes next? We discuss how to apply the risk management cycle to the challenges of POPI and reduce the risk of non-compliance.