PURQ Academic Information Platform

PURQ is a state of the art academic information platform. It provides a unique, online service for students and graduates, with the specific aim of making their academic information accessible and enabling them to realise direct benefits from their qualifications.

The platform is wholly owned by PURCO SA on behalf of its Higher Education Members. All data hosted on the PURQ platform is held in custodial trust for the originating institutions, and all access is subject to stringent security and privacy protocols.

For participating education Institutions that contribute their academic records onto the platform, PURQ provides ongoing annuity revenue, cost savings, risk management and resource optimisation benefits - while providing real value to their students and graduates. Contributors also receive a share of the PURQ annual surplus in rebates. These benefits come with zero outlay, no licensing fees, no systems development and no ongoing costs. PURQ already hosts 75% of South African academic records.

International Affiliations
PURQ is proud to be affiliated with the African Qualifications Verification Network and the international Groningen Declaration Network.

The PURQ value proposition
PURQ offers four core services for students and Higher Education institutions:

  • Collaborative online source of academic information
  • Enrolment verifications
  • Electronic exchange of academic transcripts
  • Financial and retail benefits for students, including risk profiling and credit scorecard applications.

Before PURQ’s intervention, graduates with no credit history have traditionally been conservatively assessed on criteria that excluded their academic qualifications, resulting in higher interest rates. PURQ has partnered with credit bureaus to create an alternative data scorecard which uses academic qualification data to boost graduates’ credit scores and qualify them for competitive interest rates. PURQ has built relationships with eight banks, three credit bureaus, and a range of background screening companies to develop student-specific benefits.

Focussed on student value
PURQ services are designed to add value to students and graduates, either directly or in collaboration with selected partners. Our focus is on developing well researched new services that support the needs of students and their institutions. We also provide non-competitive support to companies that offer existing products such as background screening and qualification verification for employment purposes.

A number of Higher Education institutions that contribute their students' data into the PURQ platform also share their data with such providers.

Electronic Transcript Order Exchange
The Electronic Transcript Order Exchange service addresses the cost, risk and efficiency challenges of providing students and graduates with copies of their academic transcripts. It enables participating Higher Education Institutions to avoid fraud and misrepresentation by securely sharing academic transcripts directly and electronically.

Data privacy and security
PURQ adheres to international best practice in respect of data privacy and security. We are fully POPIA compliant and our data is housed n South African data centres that offer the highest levels of financial industry security protocols.

For more information about PURQ visit our website.