National Member Meeting

The National Member Meeting is held every year alongside the Annual Conference and is restricted to Member institutions only. Previously known as the JPPF (Joint Procurement Planning Forum) it is an opportunity for PURCO SA management and office-bearers to provide feedback to Members, and discuss common issues, ideas and new initiatives.

The purpose of the National meeting is to keep the Membership updated from the PURCO SA office, as well as the activities from the Membership. It is a forum to strengthen the operational/implementation management of SCM, focussing on the interchange of ideas on matters such as challenges and successes in your environments, new SCM initiatives, case studies, new projects, ESD, training, savings, efficiency gains, and other matters. The Meeting is chaired by the PURCO SA CEO.

The objectives of the Annual Member Meeting are:

  1. provide feedback to Member institutions on PURCO SA activities and progress
  2. introduce new service offerings and collaboration opportunities
  3. maximise benefits for PURCO SA members through volume driven contracts
  4. achieve better commercials deals, including better pricing, than what a single university can achieve on its own
  5. stimulate discussion and debate on how collaborative procurement can benefit Members
  6. promote joint procurement coordination and planning on a national basis
  7. improve networking, contact and communication between stakeholders
  8. investigate new opportunities for collaborative procurement