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Provision of Cleaning Services: Potchefstroom Hospitality Services

North-West University (NWU)

This tender is past the purchase deadline.

Provision of Cleaning Services : Potchefstroom Hospitality Services 

Requirements and special notes: 

Pre-purchase questions:
Direct pre-purchase questions to the contact/s listed in the Contacts tab.

Questions from Purchasers:
Purchasers' questions about the tender will be managed online in a dedicated Q&A environment to maximise transparency and so that all purchasers are kept informed. Emailed or telephonic questions from purchasers will not be responded to.  

Related transactions:
Suppliers are reminded that contracts with PURCO SA will encompass the specific products and services specified in the tender as well as all related transactions.

Download advertisement/supporting documents:

PU7611054-ADVERT-North-West University Tenders.pdf
Send documents to: 
Upload Bid via online TenderBox

Delivery requirements: 

Only Tender Documents received before the closing date and time will be considered.  No exceptions will be made for late submissions.


  • Tender submissions will be electronic. You will be required to upload your bid documents into our secure electronic TenderBox.
  • After you have purchased the tender (and attended any Information Session if required) you will be redirected to your supplier dashboard to download the tender document/s and get access to the TenderBox submission page.
  • Your uploaded Bid Files will be saved in a secure folder on the PURCO SA server.
  • Your Bid Files are not accessible by PURCO SA or anyone on the Bid Committee until after the tender submission deadline.
  • Your original uploaded files and sibmitted information cannot be edited by PURCO SA staff.
  • PURCO SA staff will be able to see that you have made a submission before the submission deadline but can only access the bid details and your Bid documents after the submission deadline.


Purchase deadline passed: this tender is no longer available to purchase

In order to purchase this tender document you will need to be logged in
Fee payable to PURCO SA: 
ZAR 1,150.00

Payment terms: 

Documentation is available in electronic format only.

All payments will be processed online through our Payfast facility. No manual payments will be accepted.
Please note that Payfast does not accept card payments from Business Accounts so if you wish to pay by credit card use a card linked to a personal account.

After payment you will be redirected to your supplier dashboard to download the tender document/s.
You may log in and access the documents at any time.

No refunds and transfers

Make sure you are purchasing the correct tender.
Purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.
PURCO SA will not approve requests for refunds or request that your payment be transferred to another tender.


Submit enquiries to:
Bongani Machobane - 011 545 0940 /
Gololosegang Legoete - 011 545 0960 /

Note the following Information Session details:

Information session

North-West University (Astrovilla)

 20 Calderbank Avenue


  • COMPULSORY Attendance required
  • The Information session will be held physically on 17-04-2024 at 09:00.
  • You may attend the Session prior to purchasing the tender document. Details for the Session will be provided after you register.

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