PURCO SA Management consulting

Our Management Consultancy Division delivers expert consulting and project management services across all disciplines, to clients in the higher education and commercial sectors.

Having achieved significant growth and success since its launch in 2016, the PURCO SA Management Consultancy scope has been extended to include both commercial organisations and higher education institutions.

The division offers professional consulting services across all disciplines, including the specialist disciplines of supply chain management, finance, operations, marketing, human resources, information technology, as well as project management for construction and infrastructure projects.

Foundational principles
The foundational principles of the Consultancy Division are to provide a shared resource to Members that enjoys deep Higher Education expertise; offer long term sustainability; and deliver services our Members at accessible rates that are lower than commercial costs.

Deep expertice
Our management consultants have deep, functional skillsets honed through the delivery of practical solutions. They are able to support our clients with dedicated, strategic and task specific interventions, as well as deployments of highly skilled executive, managerial and operational staff. We have a pool of screened, independent specialist consultants that we can place at short notice in response to a client’s needs for consultancy services, project management or specialist skills support.

Available commercially
The Division also offers its services commercially to organisations outside the Higher Education sector.

Solutions For Higher Education
Higher education institutions who are Members of PURCO SA share in the consortium's annual surpluses through rebates. This means that a portion of all Consultancy project fees is returned to higher education institutions each year.

Being a core division of PURCO SA ensures our Member clients receive:

  • Cost effective support from professionals with a deep understanding of higher education. Our specialists have specific higher education expertise and skill-sets, not available from other consultancy companies
  • Continuity and security of ongoing support after completion of projects
  • Access to executive, managerial and operational experts
  • Quality outcomes that are compliant with ISO 9001:2015.
  • Competitive fees: Compared to traditional consultancy companies PURCO SA provides extremely cost-effective rates.
  • Fast turnaround: The Management Consultancy has an extensive database of highly skilled independent contractors that can be rapidly deployed in order to provide highly skilled resources when needed.
  • Improved ROI: Higher education institutions who are Members of PURCO SA share in the consortium's surpluses through annual rebates. This means that a portion of all project fees for member institutions is returned to the Member as back-end rebates.