Tender management and support

PURCO SA has many years of tender management experience; a skilled team with expertise across a wide scope of commodity, service and infrastructure projects; and systems that are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Despite having conducted hundreds of tenders we have never had an Auditor General adverse finding .

The 2020-21 period saw a 56.4% rise in tenders managed by our team, up from 181 to 283. This is effectively more than one tender for every working day of the year.

Savings and efficiency
Using the PURCO SA Tender Service saves our Members time and cost, enabling them to deliver compliant tenders with limited resources. This has resulted in robust utilisation of the Tender service for many of their tenders, including complex infrastructure projects.

National tenders
We work with our Higher education Members and our supplier partners to identify common product and service requirements across Member Institutions, and develop and conduct collaborative national tenders.These transversal

The total number of tenders published and managed by PURCO SA increased from 70 in 2017 to 282 in 2021. This represents a compounded annualised growth rate of 42% since 2017, and a 56% YoY increase from year-end 2020 to year-end 2021.

Individual tenders
We assist individual Members to manage professional tenders that are efficient, procedurally compliant and fully auditable.

Although our TVET business unit is responsible for the bulk of tenders (192 of 283), our University business unit increased the number of individual university tenders they managed by an astonishing 188% in 2021. We anticipate ongoing growth in the number of individual tenders we manage for specific Member institutions.

Online tenders
We offer virtual management of all tenders from their initiation with bid committees through to online bid submissions and evaluation.

We are very pleased to see growth in the number of tenders managed via our online submission system. In 2021 online tenders more than double from 36 in 2020 to 68 in 2021. We expect to see a systemic change in how tenders are managed in the future.

Supplier engagement

Our efforts to engage with more prospective suppliers and provide Members with more bidders for each of their tenders were also successful. We achieved a 93.8% increase in the number of tender documents purchased by suppliers, up from 2126 to 4120, and an average of 15 suppliers submissions per tender.