Member and Supplier Development

One of the PURCO SA strategic goals is to improve the professionalism and expertise of Higher Education procurement and supply by focusing on Member and Supplier skills and development.

Development services and initiatives
We offer a comprehensive range of services and initiatives to help our Members and our Supplier Partners grow:

  • PURCO SA Internships
  • Member training courses
  • Supplier development initiatives
  • Fortnightly online Ponder events
  • PURCO SA Annual Conference
  • Attendance at international conferences
  • Annual Source Guide and Contract Directory
  • Social media platforms
Source Guide
Our annual PURCO SA Source Guide and Contract Directory is published as a service to both Members and Suppliers.
  • For Members, it is a useful reference tool that provides an easy to use directory of PURCO SA Contracts and Contracted Suppliers.
  • For Suppliers, the Source Guide is a targeted advertising tool. Contracts and contracted suppliers are automatically listed in the directory, and those wishing to improve their visibility can insert company profiles or place advertisements.
Copies of the Guide are distributed to all PURCO SA Member Institutions, as well as to advertisers. Free copies are available from our National Office.

In 2021 we introduced monthly updates to the online digital version. The addition of new contracts, supplier details and Member information keeps it more current than the printed edition. The change benefits our whole community: keeping our Members abreast of new collaborative contracts and enabling contracted Suppliers to create awareness for their products and services.

Member Training
With the active involvement of our Regional Committees we facilitate regular training courses for Members. Free Member training programmes for procurement staff are initiated and managed by PURCO SA Regional Committees. The training is funded with income earned from the Annual Conference that is hosted on a rotation basis in our regions every year.

Supplier Development
PURCO SA recognises that emerging businesses find it challenging to compete for Higher Education tenders on an equal footing with larger competitors. The consortium is committed to the development of black owned businesses and assisting them to secure and effectively deliver contracts within the Higher education sector.

The Consortium has structured its processes and services to help small businesses in a number of ways.

  • Registration on the PURCO SA Supplier and Tender Database is both free and accessible through an easy to use online portal. Suppliers provide their business details and list the categories of products and services that they are equipped to provide to PURCO SA Members.
    Almost 24 000 supplier companies are registered on the PURCO SA Supplier and Tender Database. The information they provide is used to send them personalised emailed invitations each time a relevant tender is published.
    PURCO SA also publishes tender invitations on its website, in selected national media and on Treasury’s eTender portal.
  • PURCO SA hosts a free annual ESD Training programme for suppliers contracted to PURCO SA and our Members. In 2021 two hundred individuals from emerging and black owned businesses participated in our annual Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme.

Internship Programme
The PURCO SA Internship Programme is a structured intervention that prepares selected supply chain graduates for a career in procurement. The six-monthe internship programme has sparked the careers of a number of talented individuals and equipped them with foundational experience and skills to grow professionally within their specific disciplines.