PURCO SA News | Introducing Advanced Cleaning and Hygiene Technologies by Bidvest Steiner

PURCO SA’s National Supplier, Bidvest Steiner is excited to unveil their latest line-up of cutting-edge hygiene solutions.

These innovative products represent the forefront of technology and are tailored to meet your specific needs. 

C.H.I: Connected Hygiene Intelligence, C.H.I is a powerful analytics platform that provides real-time notifications for replenishment, maintenance and more.

Hygiene Vending Machine: In today's health-conscious environment, hygiene is paramount. The Hygiene Vending Machine offers a convenient and way for students to access sanitary towels on campus.

Flowsaver: Water saving technology - Say goodbye to wasteful water usage with Flowsaver, the innovative water conservation system. By intelligently monitoring and optimizing water flow, it helps you reduce water consumption, lower utility costs, and promote sustainability without compromising performance.

Robofalcon: Bird Control technology




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