PURCO SA Conference 2024: Meet Ms. Mihle Binzana

Ms. Binzana is a Buyer at WSU - Walter Sisulu University and serves on the organizing committee for the PURCO SA 2024 Conference. In her role at the university, she manages the procurement process, ensuring the timely acquisition of essential goods and services for university operations. From identifying reputable suppliers to negotiating contracts and managing vendor relationships, she is dedicated to optimizing procurement strategies for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

She is particularly passionate about leveraging innovative solutions and best practices to streamline processes and drive sustainable outcomes. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, she strives to contribute positively to the university's mission of providing quality education and support services to our students and staff.

Ms. Binzana is eager to connect with fellow PURCO SA professionals in the industry to exchange insights, share experiences, and explore potential synergies that can benefit her. Whether it's discussing procurement trends, exploring collaborative projects, or simply exchanging ideas, she’s  open to engaging in meaningful discussions that contribute to our collective growth and success.

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