Westcol TVET College Takes Action for a Safe and Sustainable Learning Environment

PURCO SA is pleased to announce that 4T Group (Pty) Ltd has been awarded the tender for the Rehabilitation of Sinkholes at the Carletonville Campus! This exciting project signifies Westcol TVET College’s unwavering commitment to providing a safe and secure learning environment for their students and staff.

Their innovative solutions and commitment to quality perfectly align with PURCO SA and Westcol TVET’s values, making them the ideal partner for this crucial undertaking.

The successful rehabilitation of these sinkholes will not only enhance the safety and aesthetics of the Carletonville Campus, but it will also demonstrate our proactive approach to infrastructure maintenance. PURCO SA and Westcol TVET College are excited to witness the positive transformation of the Carletonville Campus.

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